Albert Lu

Dear Valued Client,

First, thanks for being such a great client. It’s been a true pleasure working with you, and I am so glad you will be joining me at my new firm. This email will outline the steps we must take. I will do my best to keep the transition simple and hassle free.

STEP 1 – Terminate Advisory Contract With Sprott Asset Management

The first step is to terminate the existing advisory contract. At your earliest convenience, please sign and return the attached termination letter to Sprott Inc.

You can fax this form back to Sprott at: 760-683-6975 or mail it to the office: Sprott Asset Management USA, Inc. 1910 Palomar Point Way, Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008. Please specify ‘Attention: Compliance Department’

I recommend you also cc: my assistant, Cali Farnham, by fax: 760-683-6576 or email: I will send you an email confirming receipt.

Once the contract is terminated, I will instruct you on how to separate your account from Sprott Asset Management. There is no need to sell or transfer out any holdings.

STEP 2 – Keep in touch

Until my new firm, Luma Financial, is registered with regulators and ready to accept clients, your account will technically be a self-directed (unmanaged) Interactive Brokers account. The time required to register a firm varies. I anticipate a 60-day process. During this time, no fees will be deducted from your account.

In the meantime, please keep in touch. Although I will not technically be your investment advisor, I am available to answer your questions. Furthermore, because my own financial accounts track the same model portfolio that has been applied to yours, I will be closely following all of the positions.

Finally, I am already working on a private client web-portal where I will post commentary and other useful information regarding your accounts and specific investments we hold. More on this later.

STEP 3 – Re-engage

Once Luma Financial is registered, you will receive a new advisory agreement to sign. The new documents will reflect our old arrangements with no change in fee structure or investment strategy.

Finally, please communicate with me at my new email address and phone number from this point onward.

Once again, thank you for your confidence. I look forward to working with again.


Albert Lu


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