The Firm

Luma Financial offers separate account portfolio management for high net worth individual investors.

In building client portfolios, we aim for long-term success while minimizing short-term market volatility through a long-only, diversified strategies, which incorporate a wide range of asset classes, including equities, bonds, and precious metals.

Albert Lu, Founder & President (CRD#: 5882158)

Albert Lu is the founder and president of Luma Financial, an investment advisory firm dedicated to seeking out sound investment opportunities for its clients amid global market uncertainty and fluctuations. For years, Mr. Lu has propounded the need for investors to understand inflation and deflation theory, and the misguided actions of the federal government, as the foundation for personal financial growth and wealth management.

Mr. Lu is a sought-after speaker, emcee, and moderator at industry investment conferences and meetings. As a commentator at these events, Mr. Lu continually engages his audience through unconventional perspectives and original scrutiny. He also distills his opinions on macroeconomics and other financial matters in publications such as Fox Business, CNBC,, and The Daily Caller.

Mr. Lu produces the annual Rule Symposium on Natural Resource Investment, a natural resource investment conference in Vancouver, Canada. Prior to founding Luma Financial, his investment advisory firm, Mr. Lu was the CEO of Sprott U.S. Media, Inc., and an investment adviser at Sprott Asset Management and WB Wealth Management.

Before his career in finance, Mr. Lu was a well-established electrical engineer. He holds his Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering, Honours, from McGill University. Mr. Lu has co-authored a book, published journal papers, and acquired patents in semiconductor design.